An excerpt from our Network video –

“After my first year of college, I needed something to stay competitive and active, so I started mixed martial arts my first summer back home.

The unfortunate thing in MMA is there a lot of guys who end up committing suicide. I’ve trained with some of them. I think they turn to it to try and cope with what they’re going through and some of them think about suicide.

I can say that because that was me.

I met Barb at one of her safeTALK trainings, where she teaches people how to prevent suicide by recognizing signs and connecting with people. She pulled me aside at the end of the training and said that I looked like I was there for something more than just to get certified.

I was there because I’m a survivor of suicide. I struggle with those thoughts, and Barb was able to sense that in me.

She told me it was ok to be afraid, to not be ok, to make the call to get help. That stuck with me.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from her and shared it with my friends and my family and those I confide in for my own sake, saying ‘These are some things that you can do to maybe help me the next time I’m struggling or to help others when they’re struggling’.

If someone is reading this and is struggling, I want to tell them to make the call and get help. Or talk to me and I can connect them with the people who can help them.

Everyone should know there are people out there who will help you and want to help you. Don’t be afraid to make that call – there are people who care.”

– Trever, survivor